The Glory in the Shadows (Supernatural Drama, 2016, 13:13, HD/ 16mm)

Logline: A teenager sets out to save her sister from exploitation by her Mother who claims the child has a supernatural gift that can taken people to Heaven.


This was a low budget short produced during my time at Chapman. I had been sick with the flu for two weeks prior to the shoot and felt so physically drained it sometimes felt too tiring to stand. But the cast was just so much fun to work with and the script so cool and unusual that it was impossible not to feel like this was one of the most exciting things any of us had been a part of. And, it was.


Stage Presence (Coming-of-age drama, 2015, 13:20, HD)


Logline: A lonely, painfully shy immigrant sets out in a desperate attempt to reinvent himself by auditioning for his school play.


This was one of the bigger productions I got to direct at Chapman about an immigrant struggling to fit in with his peers at school, a premise I strongly relate to. Working with Tom Walsh was a dream. He had a supporting part of a cardboard bully, but he made it his own and shines through every scene, the mark of a great talent.


Springer Park (Romantic Drama, 2014, 5:20, HD)


Logline: Lifelong friends Sarah and Sam must have the one conversation they’ve always avoided— how they feel about each other.